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Arriving at the end of the three days of racing, we have lamented no serious accident among athletes and fans.

The main objective this year was internationalization, with the participation of a team of Hawaii (ranked 6th), and another from New Zealand. A production team came metropolis also follow the entire race, and we now look forward to a broad distribution of images on sports channels, but also generalists, with an audience far beyond the borders of Polynesia.

Thursday, May 30 at 7:30 p.m. our partner TNTV TV broadcast an hour retrospective of the Tahiti Nui Va'a race in 2013.

Our thanks to all the partners who help EDT to live this event:

Le Ministère des Sports, Le Haut-Commissariat,  l’IJSPF, le Service de la Jeunesse et des Sports, Les Communes de VAIRAO, MAHINA, TAUTIRA, la FTV, Eau Royale, MOBIL, OPT, TNTV, Kalea Design, Yune Tung, Mitsubishi, GIE Tahiti Tourisme, Air Tahiti Nui, SEP, REMEX, FCR, La Fédération Polynésienne de Protection Civile, La Fédération de sauvetage en mer , Affaires Maritimes, MRCC, DDPC, DPAM, COMGEND,  les médias, tout le personnel  bénévole d’EDT et son comité.



A true partnership with the MS and the valuable collaboration of environmental associations of Commons Vairao, Mahina and Tautira for cleanliness sites during the four days of the event.




The general classification of the race is now available here



By winning all three stages, Shell Va'a registered his name in the history of the Tahiti Nui Va'a 2013 for the fourth time after 2002, 2004 and 2007 before Edt Va'a won the last two editions. EDT Va'a finished second followed by Team OPT in third position overall.

They went after their efforts and can also congratulate the winners:

Edt Va'a Vétérans (13 :48 :32)

Air Tahiti en Entreprises (12 :23 :35)

Punaauia va’a chez les Dames (04 :21 :35)

Maire Nui chez les juniors (03 :25 :33)

Mauruuru to all participants who made us dream and gave us a good show. After their efforts and can also congratulate the winners:



Tomorrow, the last step for all rowers. You can follow the race on our facebook page:

A big thank you to all our fans who follow us so far!!!

Shell Va'a win the 2nd stage.

Look the result  here .

Congratulations to all the rowers for making us dream Mauruuru roa



Official ranking of the 1st Stage.

Look the ranking or the 1st stage here.

Fiesta for our Great Winner.


Photo: Stage Mahina-Vairao, EDT Va'a for the 2nd place, after Shell Va'a


You can look some photos on our Gallery here


The local population of Vairao welcomes the vaa community !


Aotearoa arrives 20th. on the Ranking. Here they are, crossing the finish line...



Shell Va'a wins the first stage of the Tahiti Nui Va'a 2013 5:12.

A force of arms, they beat their record of 2011, which was 5:20. Suit EDT (5:14) and third Paddling Connection, OPT 4th, 5th Hititoa. 

Top 5
1) Shell Va'a
2) EDT Va'a
3) Paddling Connection
4) Team OPT
5) Hititoa


971142_366616930106645_651264311_n Weighing finish, L'ets GO! for the race tomorrow !



Good luck to all teams for the start of the race hurt Va'a Tahiti tomorrow at 8:00!



The entry list has been updated, 53 teams announced for the race tomorrow.

You can look under Committed on our site.

See you tomorrow at 6:00 Pointe Venus.




This morning the staff of Tahiti nui Va'a lists already fifty crews or:253-tnvaaedt-day-3

53 teams all category confused with 34 teams Senior Men - 4 Veteran Men - 5 Company - 4 teams Damme and 6 Juniors.





Take advantage of the discount on sites from the 22nd to 25th of May 2013, 8:00 to 16:00:
-T-shirts 2000 XPF(16.80 €) for 1, 5000 XPF(41.95 €) for 3
-Polo shirt 2500 XPF(20.95 €) for 1, 6500 XPF(54.50 €) for 3






> D-1 : Before the starting of the race, the Committee will make final preparations.
Fifty teams were identified for the 9th edition of the Tahiti Nui Va'a race the longest in the world, with a course of 166 km.
You can follow the event live over Polynesia first, from tomorrow, Thursday, at 8:00.





Interview with Roland Parau the President and Willy Tutavae, head of the team, both creators of the club.

"BeachcomberVa'a existed since 1995 but was created shortly before the name of TamariiBeachcomber to occupy our youth away and give them the opportunity to practice va'a association. It became gradually more serious and finally the kids started to enjoy the competitions and were no longer willing to do without.

We cooperate in business class and have often won competitions.
Today, the level rose, and to win its class, it must be rated at about 10 to the first scratch!
Our competitors are now Air Tahiti.
At the end of the season, in some races, Shell, OPT, etc., also fall in category Company. So, sometimes, to continue to qualify for the title, we create a mixed team and change of category.

For the big race of Tahiti Nui Va'a, we do not have any special preparation, the group knows well, trusted and did not need to do much training in Va'aOno to find symbiosis.
The work is done according to each. Rowers have very different uses of time in the hotel and it is difficult to row together.
We find ourselves at the end of the day, for most of us nouset choisissonsen wave function that we do. We row for our pleasure and do not want it to be too restrictive. This is why we do not have a coach who follows us by boat.
The coach and train it must remain friendly.
Otherwise, nothing new on Saturday, we try to make the "long line" mainly in V1 and Wednesday jogging, like all clubs.

For this season, the results were good: the 7th scratch Top 40 Marathon Polynesia First and fourth scrathet the first company in the Enviropol race.
It's not bad!
Our goal is to beat our eternal concurrentsd'Air Tahiti. They know and they will certainly inflate their numbers ... is good war, the battle is fierce maisnous we respect!
We will certainly strengthen us as we are still waiting for answers.
I can already give the names of our rowers in the group:
Kevin Leon, Mama Tamatahi, Taputuarai Moro LanteiresRaitua, Philippeau David VaihoHeimana, Raufea Gabriel TuahuToanui and TeataHeiava.

To participate in this event, we try to fund three days as we can, by sales of T shirts or other, we also have the CE of the hotel with us and we call on our partner Mike Song and boutiquesMarama Shop Surf Shop 2000 and the city center, which sponsors us for several years and we are most grateful! For water, we also thank our other main sponsor Vaimato.
After we have friends all around the island hosting us and our meals are not provided the hotel. We also need to rent a boat for tracking these three steps and it is still a big budget.
The hotel management will help us as well as making available all our rowers.
They will all work in different departments and their replacements are easier to manage. The hotel also helps us every day for many years supporting us and trusting us fareva'a a very comfortable and very well located, secure, available with electricity, water heater, barbecue, etc..
For 20 years it lasts, although initially, everyone was a little skeptical about the longevity of the association.
Today, even when the manager moves in Australia for business, asked about our good results!
We thank all our loyal fans and especially the staff of the hotel, which identifies a little clubet does not hesitate to put their hands in the pocket when needed. Our best supporterssuiventnos coursesde near the radio and often come to take us for a ride. "



Doris HART interview, President of Tahitian Va'a Federation, partner of Tahiti Nui Va'a 2013

What is the implication of FTV in TNV race in 2013?
Tahitian Va'a Federation essentially puts the human resources available to the organizing committee of the race. Its main role is to manage subscriptions, monitor commitments and deal with the weighing va'a on site.
For this event, the FTV to slightly modify the regulation, particularly at the ready when a real opening is made. Thus, the islands and the islands generally receive special exemptions.

What does it lack to grow outside and bring in more foreign clubs?
The objective of FTV is to improve and develop major competitions abroad. The problem is essentially the modalities for the participation of foreign clubs. The establishment of "package" could meet growing demand has also been felt at the Paris Boat Show last December. What clubs want is to know how much it costs them to come to this or that competition including all benefits, flights, accommodation, rental outrigger boats etc ... It would be nice to also include activities annexes to the competition because such a journey without the benefit of discovering the country does not help to develop the image of French Polynesia.

What are the major events to come from FTV?
A small delegation went this weekend in France for Va'a Vendée taking place on Thursday 09 and Friday, May 10 On this occasion and on the request of the organizing club, the FTV attend the blessing of an outrigger and will be the godmother. The name was chosen: HINAROUREA

We also prepare the Heiva where we hope to have a better representation of Commons all archipelagos.

There are also mini games Wallis & Futuna in September

The Paris Boat Show from 3 to 6 December 2013

And finally we are already working on Va'a World Championships 2014




Here are the names of those who form the Hawaiian selection for the Tahiti Nui Va'a 2013:

Patrick Dolan:  Undefeated in all 2013 Kanaka Ikaika events entered.  Points winner for OC-1, and winner of the Maui Jim Waterman's series.  Hawaii Canoe and Kayak Team (HCKT) member.   Lanikai Canoe Club paddler

Danny Ching:  second only to Pat Dolan in 2013, and World Stand Up paddling champion.  Molokai OC-1 Champion 2010.   Lanakila Canoe Club - California

Manny Kulukulualani:  2nd place Kanaka Ikaika series OC-1.  Lanikai Canoe Club

Kai Bartlett:  Multiple Molokai OC-1 Champion with 3 Molokai Hoe victories.  Current captain of Team Primo

Mael Carey:  Team Primo

Kekoa Cramer:  Peperu Team Primo

Kaihe Chong:  HCKT member.  Hui Nalu Canoe Club

Alfred Van Guisen:   Leeward Kai origin.  Currently with Outrigger Canoe Club.

Will Richenstein:  Up and coming young paddler - paddled with Team Primo off and on

Makana Denton

Justin Watts

Simeon Ke-Paloma




vaa news

Discover in VA'A NEWS TAHITI (edition March-April)

A section dedicated specifically to the Tahiti Nui Va'a 2013 and an interview with Jim FOTI and many other things not to be missed!






Kanaka ikaika Racing Association

Result of the first 4 races organized by Jim FOTI to form the Hawaiian selection who will participate to Tahiti nui va'a.

Race 1 : results

Race 2 : results

Race 3 : results

Race 4 : results

Race 5 : results

Race 6 : results

Race 7 : results



Special package TAHITI NUI VA'A 2013

Enjoy the  exceptional offers by tahiti nui travel during the Tahiti nui va'a.  

Tahiti nui travel  plans to book and ensure exclusive. international flights, accommodation and transfers for international teams before and after the competition.

international flights, accommodation, transfers, cruise accompanying international spectators before, during and after the compétition.

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Packages Tahiti Nui Va'a 2013


Tahiti Nui Va'a partnership with JIM FOTI

Who's Jim FOTI?

More information on :






Tahiti Nui Va'a Team selection Hawaii

Hawaii is preparing its national crew for Tahiti Nui Va'a. The 12 best paddlers of the 8 days Ikaika Kanaka Championship, are invited to Tahiti in May.

At the end of the season, they will be selecting and sponsoring the best 12 male paddlers from the Poai Puni series to form a team to challenge the Tahitians in the Tahiti Nui Va’a race on May 23, 24 and 25.  The first selection will be based on individual performance during the series races.  It is not mandatory that candidates race in OC-1 every race.  Final cuts will be subjective and made based on the needs of the team.





To participate :
1 - "like" this page and become a "fan"
2 - add a photo of you including an element of canoe paddling (can be a paddle, a canoe, a book, a trophee, a shirt, ...)
3 - wait for our drawing lots, end of february 2013...

The winner will get for free : a return ticket from home to Tahiti + accommodation, meals, transportation and the race attending. Total length of the trip is 7 days, from May 18th to the 25th !

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The 23,24 and 25 May, will be the 9th edition of the Tahiti Nui Va'a race.

Event sporty essential, the Polynesian canoe race meets every two years, the best athletes in this discipline for a ride in three days, the island of Tahiti.


Organized under the auspices of the AS EDT VA'A by an organizing committee led by Group staff EDT subsidiary of GDF SUEZ, in partnership with the Tahitian Va'a Federation, this event will become an event of International scale, attracting athletes worldwide.